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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789386338839 | 144 pages | April 2017)


Curry is one of the most widely used—and misused—terms in the culinary lexicon. Outside of India, the word curry is often used as a catchall to describe any Indian dish or Indian food in general, yet it is rarely used within the country. Curry answers the question, ‘What is curry?’ with a lively historical and descriptive account of a dish that has many incarnations.

In this global history, food writer Colleen Taylor Sen describes in detail the Anglo-Indian origins of curry and how this widely used spice has been adapted throughout the world. Exploring the curry universe beyond India and Great Britain, her chronicles include the elegant, complex curries of Thailand; the exuberant curry/rotis of the Caribbean; kari/raisu, Japan’s favourite comfort food; Indonesian gulais and rendang; Malaysia’s delicious Nonya cuisine; and exotic Western hybrids such as American curried chicken salad, German currywurst, and Punjabi-Mexican-Hindu pizza. Along the way, Sen unravels common myths about curry and Indian food and illuminates the world of curry with excerpts from popular songs, literary works, historical and modern recipes, and illustrations depicting curry dishes and their preparations.

A vibrant, flavourful book about a food that is increasingly becoming ubiquitous, Curry will find a wide readership.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


‘How did curry become so popular around the world, and how have its manifestations changed over time? … Curry: A Global History offers a fascinating look into the origins of curry and its ubiquity around the globe today.’
Southeast Review of Asian Studies

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