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Alice Perrin






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(Paperback | ISBN 9789386338785 | 272 pages | April 2017)


Stella Carrington, young and beautiful, feels that life is passing her by in the repressed Victorian household of her grandmother and spinster aunts. A casual flirtation shocks and horrifies the elderly ladies, and they summon Robert Crayfield, her godfather, who is an officer in the Indian Civil Service, to make suitable arrangements for her to be a missionary or governess. But, tantalized by her beauty and disregarding the difference in their ages, he offers to marry her instead, scandalizing the village.

Stella, indifferent to romance, is most excited by the prospect of going to India that her marriage offers. Once there, she is enthralled at the beauty and mystery of the subcontinent, but increasingly disenchanted by her husband, who is only interested in her as a whet to his sensual appetites. When the young, handsome Philip Flint is posted as a junior officer in the same town, for the first time, she is forced to consider her own desires and duties.

Alice Perrin writes of Anglo-Indian life during the Raj era with great detail and sympathy, drawing compelling characters who love and despair, feel jealousy and doubt. Once a popular writer with many bestsellers to her credit, she is now being rediscovered for her memorable romances and ghost stories set in India at the turn of the twentieth century.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


‘Perrin’s wonderful tales speak of the lives and afterlives of English sahibs as well as memsahibs ... In [her] hands, myth, magic, lores and mores combine into a complete whole...’
The Tribune

‘Miss Perrin seems to possess remarkable knowledge of the region and the people of whom she writes, and, in particular, her comprehension of the psychology of the Eurasian is apparently the result of much observation and thought. Not even Kipling has written more convincingly […] of the heart and the soul of that queer product of the meeting of West and East.’
The New York Times, 1911

‘There is an exclusively Indian atmosphere about the story which, though dealing with the lives of Europeans, yet is entirely outside that chain of cliques—the society of Anglo-Indian officialdom—which has provided novelists of Eastern life with the bulk of their material heretofore. Miss Perrin, may, therefore, be said to possess a place in fiction peculiarly and enviably her own...’
—Bystander, 1907

‘Mrs Perrin is one of the finest short-story writers we have… Her work possesses rare sympathy, delicacy and reticence.’
Standard, 1906

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About the author

Alice Perrin

Alice Perrin was born in India in 1867. After her education in England, she married Charles Perrin, an engineer in the India Public Works Department, in 1886, and the couple returned to India for the next sixteen years. Most of her works are based on her experiences in India. Star of India was published in […]

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