The Sari of Surya Vilas

The Sari of Surya Vilas

Vayu Naidu




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$4.72 $4.27

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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9788193314104 | 232 pages | January 2017)


1909: Allarmelu is nine years old when her mother dies, leaving her in Surya Vilas, the family home, now a world of spinster aunts and men. When she discovers that her mother’s wedding sari, an heirloom passed from mother to daughter, is missing, Allarmelu must track it down—without revealing that it was stolen by a family member. Tracing the sari sends her into a world never mentioned in genteel company, of exotic Russian dancers and unacknowledged mistresses. But puberty and the changing urban landscape of Madras make Allarmelu challenge the complacent silences of family and British rule alike.

1857: Sari looms are set alight on the Coromandel Coast and weavers murdered. The East India Company ships an orphaned girl to England, to work as a governess. Born Chandrika, and converted to Christina, she carries a sari woven with the symbols of an incendiary past that she must strive to forget. However, she finds the words to narrate her experiences through working for the Philological Society, leaving a secret that will only be unravelled in the next century.

In her new novel, Vayu Naidu tells the poignant story of a woman finding her voice against the backdrop of family secrets, betrayals and promises. In a compelling narrative, rich with period detail, The Sari of Surya Vilas traces the silenced voices of marginalized people across Madras and the Deccan, who nevertheless left a mark on history—woven, told and sung, worn and passed on, bearing the residue of their passionate experiences.

Praise for Vayu Naidu

‘Naidu’s narrative is a rich and complex tapestry, dancing back and forth in time and between voices.[…] Timeless and powerful stuff!’
—Dr Mark Turin, Times Higher Education

‘[Naidu’s] prowess in storytelling is evident’
The Hindu


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


Naidu has a rich eye for detail—her zamindari scenes, her account of British household in the late nineteenth century, all these are lively accounts. The stories are vivid with a hint of Scheherazade thrown in.
—The Asian Age

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Vayu Naidu

Vayu Naidu is a novelist and performance storyteller of the oral traditions. Her doctoral work brought out the transposition of cultural and performance nuances through re-imaginings of Indian epics and world myths in English. Her post-doctoral research examined the role of stories and storytelling as a bridge in multilingual contexts, such as education, prisons, immigration […]

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