The Temple Road

The Temple Road

Fazlur Rahman


Memoir, Non-fiction


Paperback with flaps


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$7.11 $6.40

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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789386050823 | 312 pages | October 2016)


A remarkable cultural and medical memoir, The Temple Road inspires and absorbs in equal measure.

A veteran cancer physician, Dr Fazlur Rahman’s story is astonishing. He was born and raised in a Mullah family, an old-line Muslim clan, in a remote village in what is now Bangladesh, with its hardships and heartaches, its myths and superstitions. The people, places and cultures that he was a part of have almost entirely disappeared. The temples, mosques and palaces, though gone, come alive again in this beautifully written memoir. And the tales of love, suffering and fate of the village occupants are intertwined with Rahman’s unlikely story of finding medicine and success in America. As a young boy, Rahman lost his mother, the heart of his family, and soon after, barely survived kala-azar, a parasitic illness. The Temple Road: A Doctor’s Journey is an inspiring story of love, joy, suffering, medicine and achievement that takes readers from the jungles of Bangladesh to Dr Rahman’s training in leading medical centres in New York and Houston, and the overwhelming emotions that come with his work as one of the most talented oncologists in the US.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


‘Like all good stories, Fazlur Rahman’s memoir is simply told and rich in detail. The troubled history preceding the creation of Bangladesh and his subsequent medical career in the US shine quietly with human drama. A wonderful memoir.’
—Kavery Nambisan, author of The Story That Must Not Be Told and A Town Like Ours

‘In a time when doublespeak and the colonization of memory prevails, Fazlur Rahman’s memoir, The Temple Road: A Doctor’s Journey, is a refreshing balm of deep and crystalline remembering. To see the world through Rahman’s eyes is to remember that the earliest maps we make are sometimes the truest... Through his vivid and thoughtful prose, we too are allowed to delight and wonder in our own earliest understandings of what it is to be a self, and what it is to be alive and living in the middle of our own powerful story.’
—Tarfia Faizullah, author of Seam

The Temple Road is the story of a sensitive, gifted and determined young man who overcomes crushing loss, devastating illness and humble origins to realize his dream to become a physician. His story is the story of countless strivers who, through strength of character, hard work and the maintenance of core cultural values, find professional success in today’s globalized society. Dr Rahman writes with luxurious detail, great poignancy and hard-earned wisdom. If you take this journey with him, I promise it will be one you will never forget.’
—Jerald Winakur, MD, MACP, and author of Memory Lessons: A Doctor’s Story.

‘A gripping story of a young man who came to the USA nearly half a century ago from a village in East Bengal which was to become Bangladesh... His observations and commentary on medicine and society, the cultures of the East and West and fairness and justice clearly establish Rahman as a master storyteller. This is a most welcome addition to our contemporary literature because it proves beyond doubt that it is the immigrant population which makes America great, gives it its moral strength and the diversity it provides, its uniqueness in the entire world.’
—Kanti Rai, MD

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Fazlur Rahman

Dr Fazlur Rahman has practiced cancer medicine in San Angelo, Texas, for thirty-five years. Currently, he teaches medical humanities and ethics at Angelo State University. He is also an advisory board member of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In addition, he is […]

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