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Radiation Risk Estimation

Alexander Kukush, Illya Likhtarov, Mykola Chepurny, Sergii Masiuk, Sergiy Shklyar




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    (Hardback | ISBN 9783110441802 | 240 pages | 2017)


    This monograph discusses statistics and risk estimates applied to radiation damage under the presence of measurement errors. The first part covers nonlinear measurement error models, with a particular emphasis on efficiency of regression parameter estimators. In the second part, risk estimation in models with measurement errors is considered. Efficiency of the methods presented is verified using data from radio-epidemiological studies.

    Part I – Estimation in regression models with errors in covariates
    Measurement error models
    Linear models with classical error
    Polynomial regression with known variance of classical error
    Nonlinear and generalized linear models

    Part II Radiation risk estimation under uncertainty in exposure doses
    Overview of risk models realized in program package EPICURE
    Estimation of radiation risk under classical or Berkson multiplicative error in exposure doses
    Radiation risk estimation for persons exposed by radioiodine as a result of the Chornobyl accident
    Elements of estimating equations theory
    Consistency of efficient methods
    Efficient SIMEX method as a combination of the SIMEX method and the corrected score method
    Application of regression calibration in the model with additive error in exposure doses