In the Dark

Andreas Pflüger



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(Paperback | 2018)


Jenny Aaron was once part of an elite police unit in Berlin, tracking the country’s most dangerous criminals. She was the best. Until a mission went wrong and she lost her sight forever.

Five years later, Aaron has shut out her past life and learnt to get by in a darkened world. A world now guided by sound, smell, instinct and intuition.

Then she receives a call from her old boss. A prisoner has committed a brutal murder in his high security cell. And he will only confess to one person: Special Agent Jenny Aaron.

In the Dark is a tense, gripping thriller, full of twists you won’t see coming.


‘An impressive feat of writing that combines imagination, empathy and a rock-hard edge—and never fails in its duty to maintain the ratcheting tension of a first-rate thriller.’—The Sunday Times

‘I learnt so much about blindness that is not only inspirational but deeply moving… A rare and magnificent book.’—Ken Bruen