Physics Matters

Vasant Natarajan



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    (Paperback | ISBN 978-98-13142-51-0 | 148 pages)


    This is a collection of essays on physics topics. It is written as a textbook for non-physics science and arts students, at the undergraduate level. Topics covered include cellphone radiation, lasers, the twin paradox, and more.

    Topics: The Myth of Cellphone Radiation; What Einstein Meant When He Said “God Does Not Play Dice …”; Einstein as an Armchair Detective — The Case of Stimulated Radiation; Standard Weights and Measures; The Twin Paradox in Relativity; Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics; Oscillations; The 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics—Laser Cooling and Trapping; The 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics — Bose–Einstein Condensation; The 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics — Frequency Comb; The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics — Optics That Have Changed Modern Life; The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics — Manipulation of Single Particles

    This book will be useful to non-physics undergraduates in both the sciences and the arts.