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Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Ltd is pleased to present to you The Ruskin Bond Selections, a series of titles, carefully chosen and thoughtfully recommended by Ruskin Bond, which represent a lifetime of reading and contemplation. The Selections will include memoirs, accounts of travel and adventure, writings on nature, stories from the hills and the mountains, and the occasional long-lost novel, newly found. Marked by felicity of thought and that rare quality which makes writing timeless, each of the richly entertaining titles in this series will be a reader’s delight.

In Ruskin Bond’s own words: ‘After a lifetime of reading, I find it very gratifying to have the opportunity to revive certain titles which have meant something to me over the years. Old favourites often disappear. Good writers are sometimes neglected or unfairly forgotten. Presenting their work to discriminating new readers is a pleasure and a privilege.’

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‘I wanted people to move past the idea of Indian food being greasy, spicy-hot food you got for cheap in a dive. I wanted them to explore beyond samosas, tandoori chicken, naan and tikka masala, which were all delicious, but only represented a tiny portion of India’s rich culinary diversity.’
In Shared Tables, Kaumudi Marathe shares family stories and recipes from Pune to Los Angeles.

‘In The Ring of Truth: Myths of Sex and Jewellery, she takes us from the good girl trope of Doris Day and bad girl trope of Marilyn Monroe to William Shakespeare to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, with little asides on French history, Indian mythology and Nora Ephron’s Heartburn along the way.’
Kaveree Bamzai, DailyO lists out six things from the book to know about sex, jewellery and some popular Indian myths.

We are thrilled to announce that ‘Uncertain Light’ by Marion Molteno is shortlisted for ‘The International Rubery Book Award’.
The Rubery Prize is a prestigious international book award seeking the best books by indie writers, self-published authors and books published by independent presses, judged by reputable judges.


‘India was home and yet he was alone, England was never something that attracted him and though, as a 17 year-old he did go and spend four years in London, at heart was the determination and the conviction that he would return “home” to India. And return he did… Mostly alone, looked after by maids and cooks, they still preferred to stay on in the new India. The book provides fascinating insights into the kind of low level British who have rarely been written about.’ Book review of Lone Fox Dancing: My Autobiography by Ruskin Bond.

‘Half-Open Windows is a refreshingly uncommon tale set in Mumbai. It is contemporary fiction that examines the city from the perspective of architecture and the morass it is in. ‘ Book review of Half Open Windows by Ganesh Matkari, translated by Jerry Pinto.

‘This book, let there be no doubt, is for die-hard Sherlockians. For the Irene Adlers in us and the loyal Watsons.’ Book review of Sherlock edited by Otto Penzler.

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