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Love and Loathing in Silicon Valley
Namita Waikar
Speaking Tiger
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The year is 2003. Ved, a 36-year-old Indian in Silicon Valley, works for Omnicon, the world’s largest computer networking company. He finds his colleagues’ false bravado and pretensions to changing the world both sad and comical. As the Dotcom Crash starts exposing the hypocrisies of his profession, Ved must deal with the turmoil in his relationships with Sasha, a Russian escort and an ambitious immigrant like himself, and Liz, a spiritual-liberal American, with whom he can freely talk about books, politics, art and the meaning of life. As Ved is reevaluating his life choices, his traditional parents visit from India. Although fiercely proud of his success, they are anxious for him to ‘settle down’. Ved reflects on the vast gulf between their respective worldviews and the sacrifices they made to secure his future. Amid increasing racial hostilities after 9/11, the ongoing Iraq War and his own loneliness, Ved must finally confront his place in the American Dream and his inability to make room for companionship. Love and Loathing in Silicon Valley is a perceptive, tender and satirical portrait of the hallowed grounds of Silicon Valley, and the quest for love and belonging. Praise ‘Namit Arora takes the lid off life in the Great Indian Dream of Silicon Valley.’—Jerry Pinto ‘Namit Arora writes with an enviable briskness and ease, and produces an engaging, incisive portrait of the Indian techie in Silicon Valley. [He] describes immigrant life with empathy but without pulling any punches.’—Suvir Kaul, A.M. Rosenthal Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania ‘A moving and insightful portrayal of the immigrant’s exile from authenticity. Written in the language of human relationships, Arora’s novel will speak to anyone who’s been a stranger in a strange land.’—Anil Menon, author of The Beast with Nine Billion Feet ‘A cleverly written tale with a social conscience featuring themes of family, inclusiveness, racial divides, and the theatrics of love.’—Kirkus Reviews ‘A fiercely honest and insightful story, with richly painted characters I could empathize with readily. The female characters are strong and the author gets into their minds in a way that is refreshing and illuminating.’—Cherry Mosteshar, author of Unveiled: One Woman's Nightmare in Iran

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