Beyond vanilla spirituality
2021-07-29 02:20:49

Arundhati Subramaniam, author of Women Who Wear Only Themselves: Conversations with Four Travellers on Sacred Journeys, writes in the Deccan Herald about spirituality and how she came to conceive of her book:

As a university student, I stumbled on an essay by the feminist theologian, Valerie Saiving Goldstein. She observed that if the obstacle for men on spiritual journeys was often pride or hubris, the problem for women could well be ‘a dependence on others for one’s self-definition.’ That gave me pause. On the one hand, I was drawn by a spirituality that spoke of transcendence. On the other hand, I wondered what it meant to transcend an identity even before I’d owned it. Did it make sense to surrender a self (however limited, however unoriginal) without valuing it, in the first place?…

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