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The Most Beautiful Night Of The Soul
Speaking Tiger
Paperback with flaps
₹ 450

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From Cairo to London, war correspondent Daniel Marosh battles insomnia and hallucinations while fleeing the emotional ravages of conflict and deceit through a dizzying blend of Xanax, opium,alcohol and paid sex… Told from the perspective of Cairo-based European correspondent Daniel Marosh, The Most Beautiful Night of the Soul takes us into the disorienting days and disquieting nights of a man who seeks the truth in the midst of war and chaos, even as he fights his own demons. In ‘The Trial’, Marosh confronts hard truths when a Kurdish commander in Iraq invites him to view the interrogation of an ISIS suspect; in ‘Winter in the Promised Land’, he spends Christmas in Jerusalem with an Israeli friend, a special forces soldier who ensures his kids a happy holiday thanks to a raid in the Gaza Strip. In ‘Banana Split’, Marosh and an American journalist colleague pass a dizzying night with a prostitute in Cairo; in ‘Son of a Dog’, he spends days in the heart of Cairo’s City of the Dead in a desperate search for opium, and forms an unlikely bond with a street kid… Journalism meets storytelling in this unputdownable collection of linked stories and becomes compelling, thrilling literature.

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