Ajit Singh Dutta

Ajit Singh Dutta (1944-2022) was born and raised in Jamshedpur, India. After finishing his university studies in India, he moved to England to pursue his professional credentials, becoming a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He lived and worked on four continents, ultimately settling in the US where he received an MBA from the George Washington University, and owned a successful financial management consulting company. Ajit also received an MFA degree in 2016 from the University of California, Riverside. Throughout his life, he pursued his passion for writing, poetry and photography. Ajit is a published poet in English, with A Father’s Poems (2000) and other works of his having been anthologized. His book of translated Urdu ghazals, A Lover’s Sigh, was published in 2021. Ajit passed away in 2022 and is survived by his wife, Bonnie Galat, and his daughters, Danielle and Nikki Dutta.

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