Malika Amar Shaikh

Malika Amar Shaikh is a writer. Other than her autobiography, Mala Uddhvasta Vhaychay, her published work includes books of poetry: Valucha Priyakar (A Lover Made of Sand), Mahanagar (Metropolis), Deharutu (Seasons of the Body) and Manuspanacha Bhinga Badalyavar (When the Lens of Being Human Changes); works of fiction: Ek Hota Undir (There Was Once a Mouse), Koham Koham? (Who Am I?), Handle with Care and Jhadpanachi Ghosht (The Story of a Tree); and a biography of her father, Shahir Amar Shaikh, Sura Eka Vadalacha (The Song of a Storm).

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