Marion Molteno

breadth of her life experience. She grew up in South Africa, where she was involved in opposition to the apartheid regime, spent eight years in Zambia, and pioneered educational projects in multi-ethnic communities in the UK. For thirteen years she was a senior policy advisor for Save the Children, working with vulnerable children in countries across Asia and Africa. Her novel If You Can Walk, You Can Dance was awarded the Commonwealth Writers Prize for the best book in the Africa region and was selected for the top 20 books in the Women’s Writers festival in New Zealand. A Shield of Coolest Air, set among Somali asylum seekers, won the David St John Thomas Award for fiction. Somewhere More Simple explores tensions in an island community off the coast of Cornwall. A Language in Common, a collection of short stories set among the first generation of South Asian women in Britain, has been translated into five languages, including Urdu, Punjabi, and Bengali. Marion Molteno speaks Urdu and is literary executor for Ralph Russell, scholar and translator of Urdu literature. She has edited several of his books, including his autobiography and his work on the 19th century poet, Ghalib. The latest — Ghalib: The Sound of My Moving Pen — is to be published later in 2015.

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