Shashi Warrier

Shashi Warrier was born in 1959 and, after completing a Master’s degree in economics, tried his hand at many professions that had nothing to do with economics. He progressed in fits and starts through journalism, consulting, computer software, project management and so on, and then settled down to write. Shashi Warrier is the author of the novels Night of the Krait, Sniper and The Girl Who Didn’t Give Up, among others. He has also written two books for children, The Hidden Continent and Suzy’s Gift. He likes yoga, motorcycles, Hindustani music and good thrillers, and has been learning to cook for the past six years with little success. His most memorable achievement has been a solo forty-day 11,000-km motorbike ride around India.

He now lives in Mangalore, not far from a beach, with his painter-writer wife Prita, their three dogs and two cats.

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