Shweta Taneja

Shweta Taneja is an award-winning author who writes science and fiction for kids and adults. Her bestselling books include They Made What? They Found What? on amazing scientists of India; graphic novel Krishna: Defender of Dharma and the critically-acclaimed fantasy fiction series Anantya Tantrist Mysteries which is currently being made into a film. Her sci-fi short story The Daughter That Bleeds, was shortlisted in the prestigious French award Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, and was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award (Singapore). She is a Charles Wallace Writing Fellow (United Kingdom) and has given talks at international conferences including WorldCon (Dublin), Eurocon (Amiens) and the Cartoon Museum (London). Her work has been translated to Kannada, French, Romanian, and Dutch.

She is a habitual tea-drinker, nature wanderer, and birdwatcher and has recently upgraded her laugh to evil. Connect with her online with her handle @shwetawrites or log onto

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