Rakesh Batabyal

An alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Rakesh Batabyal teaches the history, theory and philosophy of media at the Centre for Media Studies, JNU. A scholar of modern history, his books, Communalism in Bengal: From Famine to Noakhali,1943–47 (2005), JNU: The Making of a University (2015), and The Modern School (1920–2020): A Century of Schooling in India (2020), have provided a framework for the writing of the history of ideology and institutions in modern India. His The Penguin Book of Modern Indian Speeches (2007) is widely accepted as the most important work on the genre. The Inaugural Indian Chair Professor at the School of Information Studies, Tokyo University, Batabyal is presently working on a book on the history of nationalism in India.

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