The Adventures of Sirdar



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Sirdar is a majestic young elephant who is the chief of his herd. The elephants are free and fearless—their only enemy is man, who will hunt them for their ivory or just for the joy of killing. Sirdar saves his herd from many dangers— floods, fires, hunters’ traps and more. He is as noble as he is brave, a true leader who looks out for the weakest of creatures. Till one day, he has to face a great test of his leadership, when his family and his herd will be in the gravest of dangers. Will Sirdar be able to save all those who look up to him for guidance?

Dhan Gopal Mukherji was one of the first Indian writers to make a mark in the West, and the only writer from India to be awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal for writing for children. In this book, he weaves a magical story of animals, the enchantment of forests and the creatures who live free in them, and creates the unforgettable character of Sirdar—the mightiest and noblest of all elephants. Retitled and reissued in a brand new edition, this classic will enthral a whole new generation of young readers.

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