The Incredible Life of Bhagat Singh



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Born in 1907 to a family of farmers in Punjab, Bhagat Singh, at the age of three, had declared that he was sowing guns so he could fight the British colonizers. As he grew up, Bhagat Singh became a widely read and fiercely intelligent man. He would dedicate his life to not only making India free but also towards creating a more equitable society.

Along with many young men and women, he planned seemingly impossible acts of daring, rebelling against the oppression and exploitation of the British. When Lala Lajpat Rai died of injuries inflicted by the police under James Scott, Bhagat Singh and his revolutionary friends sought to avenge the death of the great freedom fighter. However, they ended up mistakenly killing John Saunders, another British officer. Bhagat Singh made a daring escape in disguise but he was not one to stay long in hiding. Along with Batukeswar Dutt, he decided to storm the Central Assembly in Delhi with pamphlets and smoke bombs, protesting unfair new laws. The two refused to escape, and waited to be arrested.

When he was twenty-four years old, Bhagat Singh was put to death. Till the very end, he refused to bow down. His astonishing life and death are brought to life in this lucid new biography for young readers.

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