The Kailash Temple at Ellora



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The Kailash Temple at Ellora is considered to be a pinnacle of ancient Indian art, architecture and sculpture. Built by Rashtrakuta king Krishna I in the eighth century CE, the temple is part of the Ellora Cave complex near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Carved out of rock from the hills, the temple is dedicated to Shiva. On its walls teem innumerable sculptures depicting gods, goddesses, animals, birds, men and women. The splendour of these frozen figures, and the meticulous thought and planning that went into creating this temple by cutting through sheer rock, is a story every child needs to know.

In this book, which is filled with photographs and illustrations, Tilottama Shome lucidly explains concepts of Hindu temple architecture, narrates tales from history, folklore and mythology, and brings to life this magnificent example of art and architecture for a young reader.

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