The New Age of Bakasur


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The New Age of Bakasur begins when two young boys, Pradeep and Ravi, arrive in Delhi from Bhopal to spend a week with their uncle, Shekhar. They admire Shekhar for his relentless crusade against corruption. A well-respected police official, Shekhar has exposed several scams involving the rich and the powerful using innovative sting operations.

As Pradeep and Ravi explore Delhi, their illusions about it being a model metropolis are shattered. They are stuck in traffic jams and stranded on flooded streets. They spot garbage-strewn stretches in the heart of the capital. Official apathy and the glaring divide between the rich and the poor stare them in the face. When they turn to Shekhar for answers, he explains how corruption has infected every aspect of governance like a deadly virus. Unscrupulous public figures—modern-day ‘Bakasurs’—who swindle people and amass illegal wealth have become the biggest threat to the nation.

Shekhar shares many real-life examples of dishonest practices, which he has come across. These symptomize the rot across India. Shekhar shares his experiences with Ravi and Pradeep hoping to motivate them to become drivers of change and join forces with likeminded youngsters to vanquish today’s Bakasurs and save the country from the scourge of corruption.

Urgent, racy and often witty, this novel will strike a chord with every concerned reader invested in the future of India.

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