The Story of the First Civilizations


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Did you know?
The Chinese were the first civilization to introduce the concept of exams?
The Indus Valley Civilization was perhaps the cleanest and most organized of all civilizations?
There used to be an Inca king who would dust himself with gold?

Dive into these and many more nuggets of information about the world’s earliest civilizations. Here you will read about the Egyptian rulers who built lavish tombs for their afterlife; about Greece, the first European civilization that gave us philosophers and mathematicians as well as the cherished concept of democracy; the builders and architects and the gladiators and warring emperors of Rome; and about Africa, the continent where gold and libraries abounded.

In her unique and engaging style, Subhadra Sen Gupta takes us on a journey around the world, and tells the known and little-known stories about our origins. Well-researched and filled with captivating illustrations, The Story of the First Civilizations will delight and educate readers everywhere.

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