Grandfather’s Tiger Tales



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Dadubhai loves to tell stories about tigers and forests. After all, he has roamed around the forests of India for years. In Grandfather’s Tiger Tales, he relates some hair-raising stories about tigers—both real ones and those from myths and legends.

In one, a tiger decides to drop in as a guest during a cricket match, sending both the cricketers and the audience into panic. In another story, while a fearsome storm rages in the Sundarbans, a man and a tiger take refuge together in a little hut. He also narrates the legend of Bon Bibi, the saviour of the people of the Sundarbans and her battle with the fearsome tiger-adversary, Dakshin Ray.

Riveting and entertaining, these tales bring alive the tiger’s majesty and beauty, while also showing young readers the importance of learning to respect animals in the wild.

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