Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days



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It’s a year since jumping spiders, bursting bean bags and jowar banana bites sent the students and teachers of Grade 6 at Vidya World School into a tizzy. Now, Mr Bakshi, the school principal, wants to ‘repair the bonds’ and send the class to a camp on the outskirts of Mumbai. Here, they will play team-building games and learn to be united. Or so Mr Bakshi hopes. Fondly. Instead, Nimmi’s class is sure there is a serial killer on the loose. There are potential vegetarian-hating cannibals on the prowl. And Nimmi’s lumpy sleeping bag in its Amazon Fresh plastic bag will play an unprecedented starring role. Caught up in rain, hunger pangs and a splendidly collapsing tent, will Nimmi come back home in one piece to tell the tale?

Filled with dramatic and tender moments, Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days is a laugh-out-loud treat and a spectabulous addition to the well-loved series about Nimmi Daruwala.

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