Gulgul in Saregamma



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Clear your throats and join Gulgul in Planet Saregamma where everything is musical!

Gulgul is on a school trip with her friends, and they land in Saregamma. Here, Gaanaguru, the Grand Maestro, runs a music school where exotic creatures like pink bulls, white herons, flying niliphants and more, sing the notes and make beautiful music.

But when Nisha the flying jumbo niliphant decides she no longer wants to be a student what will happen? How will the songs be made without anyone to sing the note Ni? Can Gulgul find a way to bring Nisha back for the final concert?

Sweet and warm as a song, Gulgul in Saregamma is fresh and joyous—like a perfectly sung note of music.

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ImprintTalking Cub


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