One Life Is Enough



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‘Every person has a story. That story will often feature a village and in that village, a home. My story, being no different, starts with my village, Chamtha…[which] stands at the sangam—the confluence—of four districts: Patna, Samasthipur, Begusarai and Vaishali.’

Anjani Kumar Singh’s memoir begins with these lines. In the pages that follow, we witness a remarkable life unfolding—a life that is a ‘sangam’ of tradition and modernity; of formal education and lessons learnt through encounters with the diverse worlds of Bihar and India; of professional commitment and personal conviction; of public service and private passions. Together with fascinating insights about the challenges and satisfactions of governance and development work, Singh also shares his experiences of travelling across India and abroad; building one of the world’s finest collections of rare plants; and—his shining achievement—setting up the splendid Bihar Museum, a home for both classical and contemporary South Asian art, which compares with the best in the world.

This book is among the most engaging and unusual memoirs of a public servant you will read.

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