The Cat Who Became King and Other Stories From India



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Delightful, funny and thoughtful stories from India come back to life in this collection. There is the cat who is made king but then has to flee the forest because he becomes a bit too fat. Madhukara the bee gathers honey, but has to learn when to stop. The bunny is given many boons by a sage—till he learns that he does not need to be big and fierce in order to be brave. The conceited fly believes everyone is afraid of him and goes around annoying all the animals but meets his match in Hathi the elephant.

Noted children’s writer Dhan Gopal Mukherji gave his own unique twist to traditional Indian tales. Teeming with creatures big and small—from the fly to the mighty tiger—each one of these stories teaches gently and humorously the values of kindness, bravery, and shows that wisdom resides everywhere. Brought together in one volume for the first time, The Cat Who Became King is a collection to be savoured and treasured forever.

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