The Dog With Two Names



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‘A wonderful collection of short stories packed with realistic characters, identifiable situations, and spunky solutions. Heartwarming, enjoyable and filled with subtle but brave messages.’—Shabnam Minwalla

Three best friends from the gullies of Mumbai have a falling out. Then a deadly cloudburst threatens their neighbourhood. Will they be able to overcome their religious differences and unite in the face of danger?

When outsiders enter Moin’s neighbourhood and complain about the smell, he is disheartened. But then a beautiful new smell enters his world. What is it?

A girl dislikes the new ‘outsider’ school girl at her boarding school in Landour. Can music bring them together?

A young apple seller in Kashmir is astonished at the brash city ways of tourists at his orchard. Will he have the last laugh?

Each story in this collection celebrates differences and multiple perspectives. Our rainbow society comes to life in these pages—teeming with diversity—in which children stand up and make our world a kinder, richer place. Together, these stories of fellowship, filled with emotion and humour, hold out a beacon of hope and love.

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ImprintTalking Cub


As it ought to be with short stories with lessons, much of the collection leaves you with cosy, triumphant endings. This makes the book a great weekend read for all ages.

Vangmayi Parakala | Mint Lounge



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