The Political Journey of Imran Khan


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‘One of the most brilliant, readable and compelling accounts of a political career I have read anywhere.’—Peter Oborne, Associate Editor, The Spectator and author of the critically acclaimed book The Rise of Political Lying

‘An insightful book on Pakistan politics, and full of wonderful nuggets which show the extensive research by the author.’—Mihir Bose, author of A History of Indian Cricket

‘A lively and acerbic account of Imran Khan’s political career, providing a fascinating primer on Pakistan’s unlikely Prime Minister. It captures both the wider public enthusiasm behind Naya Pakistan and the anger at the failings of the country’s established political elites, who are dealt with in unsparing and colorful fashion by the author.’—Andrew Small, author of the China–Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics

‘A splendid joyride through the life and times of Imran Khan, cricketer turned politician, charismatic and irreverent iconoclast, leading a vibrant country emerging from the ashes and ready for change.’—John Van Der Kiste, British Historian and author of the immensely acclaimed, Queen Victoria and The European Empires

This revised and updated edition of the best-selling book on the political journey of a hugely popular, colourful and sometimes controversial public figure of Pakistan brings his story up to the present day, when he has beaten all odds to become the Prime Minister of the country. The decisions he makes or defers, the things he does or doesn’t do could have lasting impact on the politics of Pakistan, even India and the rest of South Asia. It has been, in many ways, an incredible story, and B.J. Sadiq tells it with rare insight, and in compelling style.

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