Your Personal Guide to Big Success



Lessons in excellence from one of the world’s greatest self-help gurus.

  • Choose a career that is best suited for you.
  • Learn the rules of public speaking which will make you an effective communicator.
  • Adopt the Four Good Working Habits to keep away stress and fatigue.
  • Apply the eleven fundamental principles of financial planning to your life.

Dale Carnegie, bestselling author and motivational speaker, has inspired millions all over the world to bring about a positive change to their lives and careers. Your Personal Guide to Big Success collects the essential principles of Dale Carnegie’s teachings in a handy, accessible book which will help you in both your private and professional worlds. Each principle is illustrated by anecdotes and stories from the lives of successful businessmen and corporate leaders, as well as from the lives of great political from history. Also included here is a selection of inspirational quotes from Dale Carnegie, and the thinkers and achievers he most admired, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford and many other legends.

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