A Book of New Beginnings



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‘Each ending is a beginning… And if this is true, then this is where we get another chance. We can be kinder to each other. We can be kinder to the Earth. We can do something about our faults and fears…’

Beginnings are all around us, although they are often disguised. The turning of the soil, the blossoming of the buds, a new friendship, a new day with an old familiar?these are all signs that life carries on, and that it may be good despite setbacks. In a world changed and darkened by the pandemic, A Book of New Beginnings reminds us of this eternal truth. This shining anthology is a treasure of meditations, consolations and inspirations from a range of voices through history: Rabi’ah, Rumi, Tukaram, Emily Dickinson, Tagore, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Muktabai, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Alice Munro, Shailendra and unsung, everyday people with an extraordinary gift for hope, compassion, courage and perseverance.

Edited and introduced by one of India’s finest and most admired writers, and beautifully designed and produced, this is a timeless book to possess and to gift.

Author's Name
ImprintSpeaking Tiger


[Jerry] Pinto’s A Book of New Beginnings…serves as an antidote to the many problems we grapple with. This…is a curation of sweet verse and shining words of wisdom by poets, artistes…along with beautiful images to remind us that all is not lost. A perfect gift for those we love.


With a beautiful introduction that eases the reader into the quiet, contemplative tone of the work, A Book of New Beginnings is a comfort read that’s meant to be cherished and revisited from time to time.

My Kolkata, The Telegraph



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