A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories


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A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories- Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, grumpy, joyless old man. He does not believe in being generous or happy, even at Christmas time. All he wants to do is to sit in his dingy office and count his money. But one Christmas Eve, he goes home to bed and is visited by the ghost of his dead partner, Marley, who warns Scrooge that he will soon be visited by three more ghosts. And indeed, they appear: the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. They show Scrooge three visions that make him think about all that he has done wrong in his life and how he could have made it different. A Christmas Carol has been immortalized in in print, films and plays for over a century. In this edition, it is accompanied by some of Charles Dickens’ famous Christmas short stories that are just as heart-warming and supremely enjoyable. Timeless, inspirational, humorous, and with a delightful introduction by Gillian Wright, this book is a Christmas gift to be read and loved on any day of the year.



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