A Little Spice Is Extra Nice


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A tablespoon of coconut oil
A dash of mustard seeds
A handful of coriander leaves…

Little Annie and her dear grandfather Appoopan are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But wait, they have run out of spices!

After a hearty breakfast, Annie and Appoopan dash off to Kerala’s amazing spice market in Mattancherry to refill their spice box. Here Appoopan introduces Annie to the flavours, smells and stories of the wonderful world of Indian spices: bright yellow turmeric, sweet and spicy cinnamon, the Malabar pepper known as black gold, star anise and so much more. As they walk through the lanes of the market, a mesmerized Annie also meets the people who work hard to bring these spices to our kitchen and table.

Filled with illustrations as colourful and flavourful as the spices it describes, A Little Spice Is Extra Nice is a perfect introduction to the delicious world of food for the youngest readers.

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Format8x8 inches
ImprintTalking Cub


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