Fierce-Face the Tiger



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Somewhere in the forests of India, a tiger cub is born to Bagni the tigress. Fierce-Face is brave, intelligent, and like all tiger cubs, obedient to his mother. As Fierce-Face grows, he must learn to hold his own against older male tigers—even his father! He has to know how to evade the terrifying elephants, and trick the crazed boar Horn-Tooth. He learns how to survive when drought strikes, and when wildfires rage. He stays close to his mother as they traverse so deep into the forests, they reach the realms of myth and legend.

Also included in this volume is Dhan Gopal Mukherji’s celebrated story of a captive elephant, Kari the Elephant. Kari and his friend and mahout, a young boy, have adventures that take them into jungles and big cities. Kari is as loyal as he is strong—till the world of humans proves too much for him.

Dhan Gopal Mukherji, widely read and celebrated in the West for many years, wrote evocatively about the wildlife and forests of India. In this volume, two of his finest animal creations, Fierce-Face and Kari, come together for the first time to mesmerise many new readers.

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