The Prophecy



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12-year-old Maya is struggling with school, online learning, bullies and more, when her nights are disrupted by a recurring dream. In it, she finds herself in the same place every time, talking to a freakishly tall man. Till one day, she realizes that is her new reality. The man is Noah, and he is going to take her into an alternate world: Olaman.

In Olaman, Maya starts training to be a Halvard—someone who protects the Sands of Time, which keep all the worlds in balance. Any threat to the Sands of Time means a catastrophic disruption of the human world. So when Maya and her fellow student Lev stumble upon a prophecy that foretells just such a catastrophe, they realize they must do everything they can to prevent it.

But who are the Warriors of the Shadow who are always a step ahead of Maya and Lev? Why is Lev being targeted by assassins? Is Noah just Maya’s guardian, or does he hide a greater secret?

Join Maya on her quest to find the answers to these questions and more. As exciting as it is gripping, The Prophecy is science-fiction fantasy at its very best—challenging and rewarding, and making the reader ask: what next?

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ImprintSpeaking Tiger YA


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