Muniya’s Quest



Muniya learns the shocking truth of her birth—that Abbu is not her father at all, and he found her, abandoned, in a train. Determined to trace the birth parents she has never known, Muniya ends up in the village of Vishnupur. Here, she befriends Gopi, an inventor with an arsenal of gadgets. And the kind-hearted and talkative animal rescuer, Aaliya.

The children find out that the only person who holds the clue to the identity of Muniya’s mother is a mysterious Manik Ghosh, and they need to trace him. Travelling by bus and train through the countryside, the three friends encounter all kinds of people and animals, including a conman magician, ruthless poachers, a thief with a heart of gold, and a frightened pangolin.

Will they ever find Manik Ghosh and Muniya’s parents? What will become of the pangolin that they now care for?

Award-winning writer Mandira Shah weaves a superbly entertaining adventure story filled with eccentric people and heartwarming moments. It is a story of friendship, of unexpected connections, and of love that endures forever.

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ImprintTalking Cub


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