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In 1631, the empress Mumtaz Mahal died at childbirth, leaving her husband, the mighty emperor Shah Jahan, soaked in grief. Out of this sadness was born the idea of building a unique mausoleum or resting place for Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal went on to be considered the most beautiful building in the world. It symbolised Shah Jahan’s love for his wife, and was a statement of Mughal power and splendour.

In Taj Mahal, Tilottama Shome, an architect herself by training, lucidly narrates the story of the Mughal dynasty and how the Taj Mahal came to be built. Accompanied by detailed plans, maps, illustrations and photographs, it explains how the Taj was designed, the deep symbols that lie hidden everywhere in its plan, and the stories of the people who built it?from a mighty emperor to renowned architects to the humble stoneworkers and masons who worked on it for years.

As wonderful as it is moving, this beautifully designed book will educate young readers on their heritage, as well as inspire them to create and appreciate beauty for themselves.

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