The Case of the Vanishing Gods



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In the town of Maulsari, where Meera and Malhar’s father is the Superintendent of Police, a shocking burglary has shaken up everyone. Valuable jewellery and a beautiful antique idol of Goddess Mahalsa Narayani have been spirited away. Who could have carried out this audacious theft?

Stuck at home, in a new town with no friends, siblings Meera and Malhar decide to find out. But soon they realize they need help to know more about the people of the neighbourhood. Enter Mirchi—the street smart, sharp as a button rag-picker, and his cute indie dog, Munna. Together, they all become the M4.

As the M4 begin their investigation, they unearth a massive international antiquity smuggling racket. And the smugglers are ruthless criminals who will stop at nothing! In the process, the children discover that the case of theft also hides within it many untold stories—of discrimination, injustice, and prejudice.

The Case of the Vanishing Gods is the first of an exciting new mystery series with plenty of twists and turns and filled with an interesting array of characters. Uniquely, it also brings up issues of justice and equality, and holds a mirror to the world around us.

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