The Treasure of the Khasi Hills



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In a trunk containing his late grandfather’s possessions, Kumar finds a human skull. On looking carefully, he discovers that there are tiny carvings on it—a code to a treasure! With his friend Bimal, he deciphers the code and Bimal and Kumar decide to set off to find the treasure that is hidden in the beautiful Khasi Hills. But in hot pursuit of the skull and the key to the code is Karali, the conniving and traitorous friend, who wants the treasure at any cost.

Accompanied by their attendant Ramhari, and their loyal dog Bagha, Bimal and Kumar are plunged into the adventure of a lifetime. In every corner there lies a villain waiting to waylay them. There are deep dark caves with wild animals. Ghosts that beckon in the dark. And there is the yaksha guarding the treasure. Can Bimal and Kumar elude all of them and succeed?

Hemendra Kumar Roy’s adventure, ghost and science fiction books in Bengali have enthralled generations of young readers for nearly a century now. For the first time, this iconic story appears in English in this lucid translation that will entice a whole new generation of readers into Hemenbabu’s world.

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