Tiger! Tiger!



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On a stormy night, while thunder rolled and lightning streaked across the sky, Hugh Allen saw a glimpse of a fierce tiger standing in the balcony of his farmhouse.

Tracking the Pipal Pani tiger for years, Jim Corbett had to finally decide if the regal animal had become a man-eater or not.

Ruskin Bond travelled far to see a tiger, and waited and waited, but finally the tiger showed itself in a most unusual way.

In Tiger! Tiger! some of the best writers on nature and wildlife describe tigers of various kinds. There are the famous tigers who have lived among us and who have been studied by conservationists like Valmik Thapar and Raghu Chundawat. Tigers who have breathed life into astonishing poems by William Blake and Pratibha Nandakumar. There are foolish tigers and heedlessly proud tigers from folktales and legends. There are also stories of supernatural tigers who haunt dreams, and who extract revenge.

As mysterious as it is important, the tiger lives as much in the forest as in our collective imaginations. In this wonderful collection of writings by writers old and new, get to know the amazing big cat in a whole new way.

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