14 Historic Walks of Delhi



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Over at least two millennia, Delhi has witnessed several kingdoms and empires come and go, and has been enriched by each one of them. Their imprint survives to this day in the modern metropolis—most visibly, in its historic buildings, gardens and settlements.
In 14 Historic Walks of Delhi, Swapna Liddle, acclaimed historian and passionate narrator of the city’s heritage, takes us to iconic monuments and neighbourhoods—World Heritage Sites like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort; the sprawling Lodi Gardens; the bustling galis of Chandni Chowk and Nizamuddin; the Central Vista of New Delhi; as well as lesser-known areas like the Satpula dam and the Mehrauli and Khirki villages. In crisp and breezy prose, Liddle gives us the historical and architectural significance of these sites, sprinkling her narrative with entertaining anecdotes. Some other highlights of the book are:

Detailed maps accompanying every route, with information about tickets, the nearest bus stop and metro station, parking availability, and advice about appropriate walking gear.

Architectural features described in ways that make appreciation of structural and decorative elements easy for a lay person as well.

Photographs taken specifically to accompany the text.

First published in 2011, this bestseller—extensively revised and updated in 2023—is the finest, most useful guide to one of the world’s great cities for the tourist and the local resident, the flaneur and the serious history enthusiast alike.

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Swapna Liddle’s 14 Historic Walks of Delhi is just the book for those willing to explore the historic city on their own…[it] handholds the readers and takes them through…[Delhi’s] rich turf.

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