Dance, Nani, Dance



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Meet Paati, Thatha, Dida, Nani, Dadi, Dadu and so many more grandparents of all kinds in this charming collection of stories by some of India’s best children’s writers. What is a child to do if Nani decides to audition for a dance show? Or if Paati suddenly appears as an apparition with magenta-coloured hair? What is it like when Thatha becomes a detective and goes crime busting, or when Dadu decides to deal with an unhappy ghost in the neighbourhood?

Ruskin Bond gives a glimpse of his Granny as a young girl. Bulbul Sharma recounts an exciting and unusual train journey with her beloved Dida. Ashok Banker and Jerry Pinto write sensitively about dealing with the loss of a grandparent, while Bijal Vachharajani’s grandma would know just what to do with all those single-use plastic bags everywhere.

A collection to be read alone or with a grandparent, Dance, Nani, Dance brings to life the unique and beautiful bond children share with grandparents. It will make readers laugh, or wipe a tear, or inspire them to cuddle Nani some more!

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