Padmini of Malwa


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In the pages of this book, Rani Ruupmati, the Queen of Malwa, the legendary beauty men fought wars for, narrates everything that history books leave out. Through fading memories of her mother and subsequent abandonment, she reveals the lost years of her childhood. We then see her growing up among strangers in a desolate fortress, trying her best to figure out friend from foe. The entry of Baz, future Sultan of Malwa, comes as a welcome change in her life as their love for each other is matched only by their passion for music.

But they have enemies. And their beautiful dream must come to an end.

Padmini of Malwa isn’t, however, just the ‘autobiography’ of an enigmatic character from the past. As Ruupmati chronicles the events, big and small, that mark her short life, an enduring tale of love also becomes a riveting account of a conflict that was personal, religious, and political in equal measure.

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This is no run-of-the-mill autobiography of an enigma from the past. This is a well-told tale that chronicles the events, both big and small, that encompass Padmini’s brief life and times. It remains an enduring love story that turns into a riveting account of a conflict that was personal to start with and at the same time turned into a religious and political one. Of course, the last two happen to be in equal measure, as myth and history combine to weave a music that resounds bringing her back to life again. Small wonder that the poets and minstrels of Malwa keep her legacy alive today in their of songs. You can hear them as the sun bids goodbye to the day or as you sit down to read this book.

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