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‘This brave and timely book should be required reading for every Indian.’—Nayantara Sahgal

‘A searing take on modern-day politics and the state of our nation.’—Priya Ramani,

‘When we, the people, cross this dark chilling night of fear, lies and bullying and touch the morning’s warmth, this book will be an honest reminder and a reportage of these times. At times, Kumar may sound pessimistic…but in fact, the impact of the book is positive. It ignites the sparks of hope, solidarity and compassion.’—Prakash K. Ray, The Wire

In this revised Paperback edition of his best-selling book, Ravish Kumar, one of our bravest and most mature public voices, examines why debate and dialogue have given way to hate and intolerance in India, how elected representatives, the media and other institutions are failing us, and looks at ways to repair the damage to our democracy. A new introduction and two additional essays examine developments since the election results of May 2019.

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