The Weird Women’s Club


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Hema, once half of a perfect couple, is widowed and bereft, wallowing in misery. Avanti, who seemed to have it all, is divorced and fantasizing about gruesome ways in which her ex might suffer. Jeroo, struggling with infertility, swings wildly between hope and despair and gains a reputation for being somewhat unstable.

The dignified forbearance and saintly self-sacrifice that is expected of women of their station is nowhere in sight. Instead, they have fallen spectacularly and gracelessly apart. As they clumsily struggle to piece their lives back together—negotiating challenges that range from quirky children to unsavoury men, meddling relatives to endless unsolicited advice—they are confronted with the realization that they no longer fit into a particular mould, no longer conform to the popular notions of what makes a woman complete. They have little in common except their inability and refusal to be pigeonholed into conventional roles. Will they find camaraderie and comfort in each other’s eccentric company and gain a second lease on life and love?

A warm, witty, irreverent tale about love, loss, second chances, strange bedfellows and finding your own peculiar tribe, The Weird Women’s Club is a timely challenge to society’s outmoded beliefs about women’s lives and identities.

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ImprintSpeaking Tiger


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