Unpartitioned Time



Jindo, Malavika Rajkotia’s father, arrives in India as the Partition riots erupt. He is given a patch of barren land in small-town Karnal, to clear, cultivate, and resume life as landlord and patriarch. But stripped of his history, and facing an uncertain future in a land with an unfamiliar language, he transforms profoundly. Around this generous, funny, loving, and growingly despondent figure, Rajkotia weaves an intricate narrative of her family’s past and present, exploring themes of longing and belonging, privilege and the loss of it, and reflecting on the resilience of a people denied autonomy. Through her raw, lyrical prose, she guides readers through the struggles of a sprawling clan—uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, and revered heroes— striving for recognition, identity, and security.

Rajkotia fearlessly confronts her milieu, whether navigating the radical Khalistan movement, the tensions between the Sikh faith and Hindu nationalism, or the pervasive cynicism of Indian politics. Her vivid, meditative, finely-detailed portraits of a rich family life are filled with moments of tears, laughter, and music, and a diverse array of characters who are immensely relatable. Ultimately, this brave and moving book is about the enduring quest for meaning and fulfilment that transcends cultural boundaries.

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ImprintSpeaking Tiger


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