What Lies Between Two Hearts?


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Rajat Sodhi was born with a defective heart—and it appears to be giving way as he navigates his teenage years. Rajat loves cars, cooking and nature. He loves books, music and plays the guitar. But he hasn’t had any friends since he was forced to be home-schooled because his heart could no longer keep up with the rigours of regular school. And now he’s spiralling into a dark, sad place where he’s lonely, depressed, misunderstood.

Enter twins Jasmeeta and Jameela, who are like rays of sunshine in this bleak life. Suddenly, Rajat is in love with not one, but two girls—and they become his dearest friends, too. Then one day that leaky old heart packs up and Rajat flatlines. Now the only thing that can save him is a major surgery. But what will be the price he will have to pay for getting a new heart? And will he ever get the girls of his dreams, along with the normal life he has always wanted?

Master storyteller Ranjit Lal draws from his own life to give us a tender and beautiful tale of friendship, fortitude, and coming to terms with being differently abled.

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