Children of the Hidden Land


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Fifteen-year-old April lives in Imphal valley and has grown up learning to save herself from tear-gas shells and hearing stories about children disappearing. But when her best friend Henthoiba goes missing, she is determined to find him. April finds an unlikely ally in Shalini Gupta, her new schoolmate and the daughter of an army man recently posted in Imphal. With no real leads except for a bag with some of Henthoiba’s belongings and sharp deduction and combat skills, the two set out to find him.

As they get sucked into the investigation, they stumble upon a dangerous, unknown world—where children disappear and are trafficked and trained to be soldiers. A world where drugs, arms and gold are peddled across borders.

Was Henthoiba abducted because he knew too much about this world? What awaits Shalini and April at the floating island on Loktak Lake where Henthoiba was last seen?

Unflinching, tender and action-packed, Children of the Hidden Land is a story about two girls who overcome their prejudices to question their existing ideas about nation, friendship and ambition. Above all, it is a story of hope and courage.

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ImprintSpeaking Tiger YA


[Mandira Shah’s] intimate and empathetic understanding of the complex socio-political tensions that form part of the daily lives of the people [in Manipur] and her well-researched understanding of the cultural minutiae of the rich tapestry of traditions that make up the history of this ancient civilization give the story a distinct flavour.

Anjana Neira Dev | The Book Review



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