The Pledge


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The Pledge intrigues, teases, tantalizes…it unfolds like a magic trick and leaves you waiting in child-like wonder for the “turn”!’—Karan Johar

‘Riveting and breathtaking with an exploding climax&hellipa sensational story set in a richly created world.’ —Shweta Taneja, author of the bestselling Anantya Tantrist Mystery series

In an imaginary time, in the mythical, scenic but deeply troubled land of Mandala, the ailing old magician Jaadum expresses his dying wish: to have his son Raibhu immerse his and his wife Asi’s last remains in the Sada river. But under that simple human wish lies buried the secret at the heart of the Mandala purana—the legend of the Mandalan civilization. A powerful secret that reveals itself in one intriguing layer after another to Raibhu and his companions: his best friend Afhash and the mysterious, strikingly beautiful Inosa. Together they must protect this purana at all costs from the evil warlord Umur Naash.

As Raibhu, Afhash and Inosa embark on a journey through perilous terrain to fulfil Jaadum’s wish, they will be tested to their limits. The future of Mandala lies in the hands of Raibhu and his companions.

The first book in the Mandala Purana series, The Pledge is a richly detailed fantasy adventure stretching across time and space. As much a story of evil and intolerance as of love and justice, it is an utterly compelling exploration of humanity—the depths it can sink to and the heights it can scale.

Inspired by a story by film producer Amit Bolakani, Madhulika Liddle and Kannan Iyer have created a fantasy world that will enrapture and absorb you till the end.

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