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Podcast #15

Where Do Your Texts Go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your text (not Whatsapp) messages after you send them? How do they reach your partner, your best friend, your mother, and everyone else in your contacts?
How on earth do each – OK, most – of those 23 billion text messages sent every day get to their recipients?

You’ll find the answer in this video from AsapSCIENCE.

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“I believe in people. I believe that they would like to ‘only connect’. I believe they can find a way to sympathise. I believe in the power of human empathy,”. Jerry Pinto talks about his new book A Book of Light.

“As in many parts of the world, when underlying causes of conflict have not been addressed, there is no ‘post’ war harmony. Simmering discontent and bitterness in an uneasy ‘peace’ is most-often sought to be suppressed by aggressive troop deployment and repressive colonial laws … This everyday nature of occupation defines the rhythm of life in these margins.” The Caravan carries an excerpt from Garrisoned Minds, edited by Laxmi Murthy and Mitu Verma.

Friends in Wild Places: Birds, Beasts and Other Companions by Ruskin Bond, has been shortlisted for the Printed Book of the Year (English) Award. The final winners will be presented the award during the Publishing Next conference in Kochi (15-17 September, 2016). Read an excerpt from the book.


‘Belonging is about race, history, colonial relationships, war-time camaraderie, and its betrayals and love. But beneath all this is a history of violence and a reminder that not all ghosts can be exorcised.’Book review of Belonging by Umi Sinha.

‘This little volume, like rain on dry earth, will seep in and fill up curiosities that you didn’t know existed.’ Book review of House Spirit: Drinking in India by Palash Krishna Mehrotra

The stories, poems and essays have three overlapping pitches: why we drink, the drinking games that we play once we get going and lastly, the downside when the going gets rough with drinks. As Fitzgerald puts it succinctly, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”
Book review of House Spirit: Drinking in India by Palash Krishna Mehrotra

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  • Harilal & Sons: A Novel
    Harilal & Sons: A Novel

    A story at once deeply personal and vividly emblematic It was the year 1899. In the northwestern corner of British India, the devastating Chhappaniya famine stalked the desert region of Shekhavati in Rajasthan. The millet crop lay wilting under the sun. A crowd burst into the home of a shopkeeper and dug up his mud […]

  • The Subaltern’s Sari of Seeraivakkam
    The Subaltern’s Sari of Seeraivakkam

    1909: Madras. Allarmelu is nine. Her mother dies leaving her the task of finding her matrilineal wedding sari, stolen by a family member. Daunting, if you are a girl in a world of spinster aunts and men. But puberty and the changing urban landscape of Madras makes Allarmelu challenge the complacency of ‘home rule’. Tracking […]

  • Tibetan Caravans
    Tibetan Caravans

    Born into an eminent merchant family in Ladakh in 1918, Khwaja Abdul Wahid Radhu, often described as ‘the last caravaneer of Tibet and Central Asia’, led an unusual life of adventure, inspiration and enlightenment. His ancestors and elders, and later he, had the honour of leading the biannual caravan between Ladakh and Tibet, which carried […]

  • Intimacy Undone: Love, Marriage and Divorce in India
    Intimacy Undone: Love, Marriage and Divorce in India

    A leading expert in Indian family law and one of the country’s most successful and respected divorce lawyers, Malavika Rajkotia has seen the drama of marriages coming undone at close quarters. She has seen the effects of infidelity, jealousy, domestic violence, property disputes and the messy end of love and compatibility. She has drawn upon […]

  • A Murder in Mahim
    A Murder in Mahim

    When retired journalist Peter D’Souza sees a picture of his son, Sunil, at a gay rights parade, he begins to wonder whether the boy has been telling him everything.

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