• Harilal & Sons—Sujit Saraf

    Harilal & Sons—Sujit Saraf

    From 1899 to 1972, from Rajasthan to Bengal to Bihar, Harilal & Sons follows the epic story of ‘one man who dealt in jute and grain’. This is a sprawling, riveting saga by the internationally acclaimed author of The Peacock Throne and The Confession of Sultana Daku.

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  • Curry—Colleen Taylor Sen

    Curry—Colleen Taylor Sen

    ‘How did curry become so popular around the world, and how have its manifestations changed over time? … Curry: A Global History offers a fascinating look into the origins of curry and its ubiquity around the globe today.’—Southeast Review of Asian Studies

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  • Half-Open Windows—Ganesh Matkari

    Half-Open Windows—Ganesh Matkari

    ‘This is the first time in contemporary [Marathi] literature that today’s language, today’s lives, today’s lifestyle, today’s technology and today’s metropolis have been described with such precision and focus.’
    —Sahitya Suchi

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  • Vampire in Love—Enrique Vila-Matas

    Vampire in Love—Enrique Vila-Matas

    ‘Odd stories with a bite: cynical, funny, and often puzzling.’—Kirkus Reviews

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  • Eve Out of Her Ruins—Ananda Devi

    Eve Out of Her Ruins—Ananda Devi

    This stunning short novel is a haunting tale of four young Mauritians that gives a startling look at the dark, hidden corners of a Mauritius that tourists never see.

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Podcast #22

Giulia Enders talks about her book ‘Gut’ at the Sydney Opera House’s talks and ideas program.

What if the key to living a happier, healthier life is already inside of us?

Inquisitive and talented microbiology student and bestselling author Giulia Enders explores one of the most complex, important, and even miraculous parts of our anatomy – the gut.

Click here to get your copy of Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Under-Rated Organ.

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‘“I’m a romantic at heart. I have lived a life which is a bit like escaping from ugly realities, not because I like people less but because I like the mystery of wild animals more!”’ Click here to read an excerpt from the interview of Jonathan Scott, author of The Big Cat Man with Indian Express.

‘People often look at someone and wish they could do what that person did, but soon they figure out a reason why they can’t. The point is, they can if only they believe in themselves. This book is the link between the dreams and the journey with which I want to inspire people. I want to tell them that I could do it only because I was determined and persisted with my dream.’ Heena Khandelwal, DNA India in conversation with Jonathan Scott, author of The Big Cat Man.

‘Is this, at last, the great Marwari novel of modern India?’ Scroll carries an excerpt from the book Harilal and Sons: A Novel by Sujit Saraf.


‘Saraf has researched and written this book over the years, and the effort shows on every page. The sprawling canvas captures the roots of the Marwari community, their work ethic, and their rise against the backdrop of a country in evolution.’ Book review of Harilal and Sons by Sujit Saraf.

‘It is a compelling read, with its understanding of character, its evocation of landscape, and her knowledge of life in a British station in India.’ Book review of The Woman in the Bazaar by Alice Perrin.

‘[Perhaps Tomorrow] also sheds light on the work laws and the precarious living conditions of workers abroad. They risked – and continue to risk—being bullied, humiliated and often starved and beaten.’Book review of Perhaps Tomorrow – The Memoir of a Sri Lankan Housemaid in the Middle East by Pooranam Elayathamby with Richard Anderson.

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  • Tibetan Caravans
    Tibetan Caravans

    Born into an eminent merchant family in Ladakh in 1918, Khwaja Abdul Wahid Radhu, often described as ‘the last caravaneer of Tibet and Central Asia’, led an unusual life of adventure, inspiration and enlightenment. His ancestors and elders, and later he, had the honour of leading the biannual caravan between Ladakh and Tibet, which carried […]

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