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Podcast #13

Saleem Haddad’s interview with ‘Raising Up with Sonali’

The debut novel by Arab aid worker Saleem Haddad, entitled Guapa, is creating a buzz in literary circles, as much for its subject matter as the author’s skill. Haddad writes about a fictional gay Arab man named Rasa in an unnamed Arabic country undergoing an “Arab Spring”-style revolt. Haddad explores Rasa’s trials and tribulations over the course of 24 hours, bringing into focus the multiple struggles facing the LGBT community in the Middle East. The Huffington Post called Guapa a, “remarkable debut novel.”
Click here to get your copy of Saleem Haddad’s One Last Drink at Guapa.

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Aliyyah Eniath’s interview with Sharddha Singh, The Pioneer about her new novel ‘The Yard’.

When Ruskin Bond, the 82-year-old writer who has entertained generations of children, curates a collection on happiness, we ask, did he find it after all?

“I wanted to talk about people acting out from their heart instead of following the strict literal application of the religious texts while taking a decision” Aliyyah Eniath talks about her debut book ‘The Yard’

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