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Podcast #11

“Voices of Victims of Human Trafficking: Readings from River of Flesh and Other Stories” at the UN

Readings and discussions by United Nations dignitaries and other renowned personalities. The participants were Author and feminist Gloria Steinem; Award-winning Actress and Director Rosanna Arquette; Trafficking survivor T Ortiz Walker Pettigrew; Permanent Representative of Panama Ambassador Laura E. Flores; Permanent Representative of Hungary Ambassador Katalin Bogyay; Actress Reshma Shetty; and Editor of “River of Flesh and Other Stories” Ruchira Gupta. Special Remarks by: Cristina Gallach, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, Samai Suleiman, and Rachel Moran.
Click here to get your copy of Ruchira Gupta’s River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction.

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“I wanted to talk about people acting out from their heart instead of following the strict literal application of the religious texts while taking a decision” Aliyyah Eniath talks about her debut book ‘The Yard’

Aliyyah Eniath speaks to Mint on her Indian roots, on how radicalism has seeped into the tiny tropical island she lives in, and about what made her write her novel—‘The Yard’.


‘In an age of self help books and quick solutions, this is one of those books that will go down well.’ Book review‬ of ‘A Little Book of Happiness’ by Ruskin Bond

‘The melting pot: An account of new India’s culinary identity’—Book review of ‘Feasts and Fasts: The History of Food in India’ by Colleen Taylor Sen

‘Books about the unbridled globalisation of greed are not uncommon, but Tram 83 is truly one of the most cynical books ever written — and one of the funniest, provided you can laugh at the terrible.’ Book review‬ of Tram 83 by Fiston Mwanza Mujila

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  • Tibetan Caravans
    Tibetan Caravans

    Born into an eminent merchant family in Ladakh in 1918, Khwaja Abdul Wahid Radhu, often described as ‘the last caravaneer of Tibet and Central Asia’, led an unusual life of adventure, inspiration and enlightenment. His ancestors and elders, and later he, had the honour of leading the biannual caravan between Ladakh and Tibet, which carried […]

  • Intimacy Undone: Love, Marriage and Divorce in India
    Intimacy Undone: Love, Marriage and Divorce in India

    A leading expert in Indian family law and one of the country’s most successful and respected divorce lawyers, Malavika Rajkotia has seen the drama of marriages coming undone at close quarters. She has seen the effects of infidelity, jealousy, domestic violence, property disputes and the messy end of love and compatibility. She has drawn upon […]

  • A Murder in Mahim
    A Murder in Mahim

    When retired journalist Peter D’Souza sees a picture of his son, Sunil, at a gay rights parade, he begins to wonder whether the boy has been telling him everything.

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